Medical and surgical same day courier services for the UK
Express Couriers North West Ltd offers specialist services in the transport of medical goods and equipment. We provide high quality goods handling services that are ideal for the moving and supply of medical drugs, equipment and tools. At any time of the day on any day of the week we will be available to transport any medical goods you need to wherever you need them.
Medical supplies and equipment

We are able to rapidly transport medical goods and supplies the same day to any location within the UK. Whatever medical goods are required we will be able to pick them up as quickly as possible and organise the most rapid delivery available to get them to the destination

Surgical equipment transport

As well as transporting medical drugs and supplies we are also able to transport surgical equipment. Surgical tool delivery requires dedication, skill and care. We will ensure that these vital precision tools and equipment items are delivered in perfect condition as quickly as possible.

For medical supply delivery or surgical equipment transport call us on 01352 781196
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